• 16 Jul 2021

    A multi-stakeholder partnership to eradicate energy poverty in Zagreb - Case study

    A partnership between the NGO ‘Society for Sustainable Development Design’ (DOOR), the city council and the University of Zagreb trained university students to carry out simple energy audits in households that have trouble paying their energy bills and to implement low-cost energy improvements.

    Joining forces against energy poverty in Zagreb

    Zagreb case study 2021In 2018, the City of Zagreb set up a multi-stakeholder partnership to fight energy poverty in an integrated manner: delivering positive social outcomes while reducing energy consumption and contributing to the city’s greenhouse gas reduction target of 40% by 2030. To do so, it partnered with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Com-puting at the University of Zagreb, and with the Croatian civil society organisation DOOR (Society for Sustainable Development Design), to initiate the ‘Fair (FER) solutions for a better community’ project. The project involved DOOR training students to carry out simple energy audits and implement low-cost energy improvements in energy-poor households in Zagreb. With a total amount of kn1,167.759.73 (around €156,000), the project was funded through the European Social Fund and Croatian state budget via the Government Office for NGOs.

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